Fisher King Winery 1105 Laser Street Verona, WI 53593


Wine List and Tasting Room Menu

White Wines



Satin in a glass. Bittersweet perfume of rose, orange blossom, and muskmelon sets the stage for a delicately sweet, playful white wine. Light but ample acidity allows the fruit to shine in the form of candied orange, starfruit, and honeysuckle. 94 points, "Great Value", and Chairman's Trophy at the 2016 Ultimate Wine Challenge in NY City

WHITE WHISPER (SWEET) $17.95/Bottle  

Shhh! It’s a well-kept secret. The Wisconsin grown Frontenac Gris grapes used to create this wine produce a cozy peach bouquet and layers of delightful apricot flavor. With just a hint of sweetness, it’ll be hard to keep White Whisper hidden all to yourself – especially when good friends arrive and the fun begins.​ Silver Medalist at the 2014 American Wine Society National Commercial Competition. 


Named in honor of all romances sweet and sublime, Blue Rapture offers up peach and tangerine flavors along with the distinctive taste of apple and citrus. Tempting as Juliet’s love, it provides a delicate sweetness that builds in passion with each sip. Double Gold & Best In Class at the 2013 International Eastern Wine Competition, Sonoma, CA. Gold Medal from the 2014 American Wine Society National Competition. Gold Medal at the 2014 San Diego International Wine Competition, Gold Medalist at the 2013 Winemakers Challenge. Gold Medal at the US National Competition.

SAINT PEPIN (SEMI-DRY) $19.95/Bottle

Wisconsin grown Saint Pepin grapes bring a bright, tangy character to this spirited wine. Citrus nose and pronounced lemoniness underpin the lychee and gooseberry flavors. Fruit tones fade to a piquant, dry finish. A refreshingly tart, warm-weather sipper! 91 Points and Finalist at the 2016 Ultimate Wine Challenge in New York City.

GENTLE SIN (SEMI-DRY) $17.95/Bottle

The perfect balance of fresh, bright fruit with a sweet finish make it an excellent warm weather wine to sip on the deck with friends. Gentle Sin pairs especially well with more flavorful Wisconsin cheeses.​


This dry, un-oaked white offers classic varietal aromatics layered with flavors of pineapple and citrus. A complex wine that presents a crisp alternative to more oaky and buttery Chardonnays.

Red Wines


 2017 VERONA RED (LIGHT BODIED, DRY) $21.95/Bottle

Crafted from Wisconsin grown Marechal Foch grapes, this light bodied dry red exudes bright cherry on the front & a pleasing tartness on the finish. Meant to be a summertime sipper, this is the perfect choice for when you really want to sip a dry red, just not a big oaky one.

Double Gold at 2014 American Wine Society Natl' Competition*


From the rolling fields of Vernon and Dane County Wisconsin to your glass, our 2014 Marquette exudes the abundant flavors captured from this grape’s local terroir. Fisher King Marquette presents a Pinot Noir-style character throughout, with abundant black cherry tones. Bright and smooth, the wine concludes with soft oak tannins on the finish.​ Gold winner at the 2013 International Eastern Wine Competition, Sonoma, CA. Gold Medal at the 2013 American Wine Society. Silver in the 2014 New York International Wine Competition. 86 Points at the 2015 Ultimate Wine Challenge​.

2016 Chalice Cabernet Sauvignon $21.95/Bottle

TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT. New Cabernet Sauvignon to be Released late in the year, 2019


Specialty Wines


Your choice of any five wines from our list, ~1 ounce/each taste 

Additional tastes $1.50 each Available any time we're open (EXCEPT during crowd events), at the winery's retail tasting room. No reservations needed. 


2014 PERFECTION (SWEET, PORT-STYLE) $23.95/bottle

TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT - To Return October 2019!

Rich port-style wine fortified with premium oak-aged brandy. This hearty after-dinner wine is made from local Frontenac grapes and aged 12 months in American Oak. Pairs well with dark chocolate and flavorful cheeses such as blue or goat cheese.​


A soft berry bouquet greets you from every glass of Amber Dreams, followed by pleasing plum, cherry, and caramel flavors. This medium-bodied blush wine evokes nuances of strawberry-rhubarb pie, nutmeg spices, and honey. Made from Wisconsin grown Saint Croix grapes, this fine wine delights the senses with its complex and delicious flavor.

Rose (semi-dry)coming soon.

Blueberry (semi-sweet) coming soon.

Food and Appetizers


Bread, jam & butter $3

Truffle Popcorn $4

Warm Chive & Parm Crostini $3

Wisconsin Cheese & Crackers $5


Artisanal Wisconsin cheese and sausage paired with other locally-sourced fine foods to perfectly compliment Fisher King Wine. 

The Classic $11.

Hook's Colby / Cedar Grove Monterey Jack / WI Cheese Curds / Underground Meat's Tuscan Salami / Pit-smoked Summer Sausage / Local Beef Sticks / Grape Clusters / Potters Crackers / MSCo Baguettes

'Sconnie Spread $12

Saverne Curuto Kraut / Local Whole Grain Mustard / Hook's Cheese Curds / Monterey Jack / Hook's 5-year Cheddar / Local Beef Sticks / Pit-smoked Summer Sausage / Potters Crackers / MSCo Baguettes

White Wine Board ​$13

Brie / Goat Cheese / Sartori Cheese / Prosciutto / Grape Clusters / Pistachios / Dried Fruit / Candied Nuts / Cranberry Walnut Loaf

Red Wine Board $14

Sartori Cheese / Carr Valley Wildfire Blue / Hook's 5-year Cheddar / Underground Meat Soppressata & Tuscan Salamis / Prosciutto / Potters Crackers / MSCo Baguette / Dark Chocolate / Grape Clusters

Hummus Antipasto Spread (V) $9.00

​Hummus / Olive Mix / Marinated Artichoke Hearts / Roasted Red Peppers / Carrot & Celery Sticks / Potters Crackers / MSCo Baguette / Olive Oil (Add Pit-Smoked Summer Sausage & Monterey Jack, for an additional $2)

*Gluten-free crackers are available for a small additional charge.  


Great for a Group of 6-8!

A large shareable assortment of fruit, nuts, jam, cheese, bread, crackers, & chocolate.


ROASTED Red Pepper, Thyme & Goat Cheese

Two slices of Tuscan bread toasted golden brown and spread with a generous amount goat cheese. Topped with chopped roasted red peppers and a sprinkle of thyme and sea salt.


SPINACH Artichoke (V)

Two slices of Tuscan bread with a delicious layer of spinach artichoke pâte, covered with a generous sprinkling of Parmesan cheese, all toasted to a gold brown.


(V) = Vegetarian