Fisher King Winery 1105 Laser Street Verona, WI 53593


Our Story

  The Legend of the Fisher King weaves itself through the story of the Holy Grail and is present in pagan myth as the connection between the Earth and its people. In winter, the Fisher King is purported to be at his weakest, most vulnerable state. With the advent of spring the king’s health is renewed and with it the land rejuvenates. By summer, the earth and all who live on it are healthy and hale, and it is in this spirit that the grapes are harvested and Fisher King Wine is produced.

Fisher King Winery is at the forefront of a wine revolution. Beyond the long term the impact of climate change on vineyard capabilities in the Midwest, there are a growing number of new, cold-hearty grape varieties being planted each year. Combined with the shifting tastes of wine appreciators worldwide and the increasingly popular “buy local” movement, Fisher King was created to embrace these trends and offer hand-crafted, artisan wines of premium quality that showcase the full potential of Midwest wine craft.

Created in small batches, using labor intensive hand-methods to both harvest and process the grapes, Fisher King wines are created primarily from local and regionally grown fruit. Meticulous attention to detail in the Winery combined with a commitment to bring forth the very best characteristics of each varietal  result in  these exceptional wine releases.

​Winemaker Alwyn Fitzgerald recognized the growing trend toward lighter, more complex wines that characterize not only the changing taste in the marketplace but also the flavor profile of many French and French-American Hybrid varieties favored by Midwest growers. Combined with the public's increased interest to buy premium, locally-produced agricultural, food and beverage products, he founded Fisher King Winery in 2006 to offer exceptional wines created from locally harvested Midwest grapes.

Enthusiastically embraced by a growing following, Fisher King Wines are available at our retail tasting room in Verona right next to Sugar River Pizza and near the Wisconsin Brewing Company. You can also find Fisher King Wine at a growing list of retail stores and fine restaurants in the Madison area.